About Us


Titan Vanguard identifies and acquires undervalued or under-performing properties and implements value-added business plan to achieve above-market returns for our investors.

In our value-add commercial real estate investments, we partner with equity investors who seek +15% annual capital appreciation while enjoying tax shelter during the hold period. Titan Vanguard’s principals provide strategic asset management throughout the hold period including oversight of construction/renovations, leasing and management to realize the value appreciation of the asset.

Titan Vanguard launched its first flagship fund in 2014 and currently has 220,000 square feet under management. This fund invests in commercial properties that possess a sound strategic advantage, the potential for positive cash flow in the present and moderate to high appreciation in the future. We strive to limit risk for our investors by rigorously underwriting the properties we add to our portfolio and seek to protect our client’s equity at all times.

Meet the Team

Titan Vanguard has paid its preferred return every year since inception and increased overall occupancy during the recent global pandemic. Our focus on repositioning properties in strong locations with aggressive marketing tactics, ready to go spec suites for small to mid-size tenants and marketing leading incentives have helped our investors realize tremendous value.

We target class B office, a market misunderstood by many in the investment community, and have leveraged this generally uncompetitive asset class to drive out sized returns. Office has the highest delta between replacement cost and entry price per foot amongst commercial real estate asset classes.

Titan Vanguard has a diversified team of professionals with the experience, skills and resources to execute complex value office transactions and special situations.